Sunday, October 24, 2010


We had a week off of school so I decided to hang out and visit some friends down in Germany! I initially flew into Frankfurt and reconnected with some friends I had met in Canada during the previous summer. Frank and Susanne showed me all around the greater Mainz area and I was able to meet some of their friends and family. These experiences gave me a better insight into German life and once I drank my first hefeweizen, I knew I was going to be in for a good week. After a relaxing few days in west Germany, I hitched a ride with a guy named Maute and headed to the big city and the historical hotbed of Berlin. I had a great time exploring Berlin and all of the paces of historical significance. I have Susanne's friend Nataly to thank for also showing me the more-often missed places in the city as well. After Berlin I took the train up to Hamburg to meet up with Frank who was there on a business trip. Unfortunately I only spent a grand total of 15 hours in Hamburg so I don't have any pictures from there, except of course of the world's largest model railroad exhibit for my dad. After a few last days with my friends I headed back to Finland and was promptly greeted by more snow once I stepped off the plane. I had an amazing time in Germany for the short amount of time I was there and I have many people to thank for making it such a memorable experience. I wish I could still be there but now I have a great excuse to just come back someday!

Training it through Finland....

....and flying it into Deutschland
Frank's devious plan to breach the castle walls evaded us from paying the treacherous $4 entrance fee

Me, Susanne, Stephanie, and Frank
Old town Mainz
Reichstag- German Parliament Building
Checkpoint Charlie- former U.S.-Soviet border crossing from West to East Berlin

Local currywurst stand

Berlin Cathedral and TV Tower

King Frederick II of Prussia heads the "Unter den Linden"

Brandenburg Gate

Friday, October 15, 2010

First snow of the year! (Oct. 12)
Stayin warm. L to R- Ida N., Nirupam, Santeri, Antti, Tia, and Aino

Hirokazu and Ida K. hanginnnnn out

This rabbit's just too tough

Nirupam making some killer Indian food with the assistance of Ida K. and friends

Words cannot express...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The last two weeks I have been at our school's forestry campus in the town of Tuomarniemi. I had a very enjoyable time learning and wandering about the many forests of the area. The weather turned rather dreary during my stay, but I lucked out with a day or two of sunshine to take some photos around the campus and surrounding areas.