Sunday, October 24, 2010


We had a week off of school so I decided to hang out and visit some friends down in Germany! I initially flew into Frankfurt and reconnected with some friends I had met in Canada during the previous summer. Frank and Susanne showed me all around the greater Mainz area and I was able to meet some of their friends and family. These experiences gave me a better insight into German life and once I drank my first hefeweizen, I knew I was going to be in for a good week. After a relaxing few days in west Germany, I hitched a ride with a guy named Maute and headed to the big city and the historical hotbed of Berlin. I had a great time exploring Berlin and all of the paces of historical significance. I have Susanne's friend Nataly to thank for also showing me the more-often missed places in the city as well. After Berlin I took the train up to Hamburg to meet up with Frank who was there on a business trip. Unfortunately I only spent a grand total of 15 hours in Hamburg so I don't have any pictures from there, except of course of the world's largest model railroad exhibit for my dad. After a few last days with my friends I headed back to Finland and was promptly greeted by more snow once I stepped off the plane. I had an amazing time in Germany for the short amount of time I was there and I have many people to thank for making it such a memorable experience. I wish I could still be there but now I have a great excuse to just come back someday!

Training it through Finland....

....and flying it into Deutschland
Frank's devious plan to breach the castle walls evaded us from paying the treacherous $4 entrance fee

Me, Susanne, Stephanie, and Frank
Old town Mainz
Reichstag- German Parliament Building
Checkpoint Charlie- former U.S.-Soviet border crossing from West to East Berlin

Local currywurst stand

Berlin Cathedral and TV Tower

King Frederick II of Prussia heads the "Unter den Linden"

Brandenburg Gate

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  1. SO awesome. what is currywurst? it sounds interesting. I think that when you come back you have to be able to make one thing from every place that you visited. I really like the pic of the castile! I want to go.